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Die amerikanische Internet Plattform www.ultimatemixedwrestling.com bietet eine Auswahl an heißen Videos zum Thema Nacktkampf zwischen Männern und Frauen. Drehbuchautoren sind aufgefordert Vorschläge für neue Produktionen einzureichen.
Hier der Beginn des Scripts von Alexander Voronov, dessen Beiträge regelmäßig im Tangaland Blog erscheinen. Selbstverständlich hat sich der Autor ein Vergnügen daraus gemacht, die Mitwirkenden mit Produkten aus dem Tangaland Online Bikinishop auszustatten.

Video-Script UMW
By Alexander Voronov







Alexander Voronov is a professional writer of erotic stories in German language. Some years ago he has published a short novel “Glücksfall” (Sheer luck) at the eBook editor Readersplanet. The story is about a rich Mr. X who carefully selects four young men with the purpose to make their wildest sex-fantasies come true. One – and the major – of these fantasies is a naked wrestling combat with a beautiful and athletic woman.

A new version of this story is to be published soon at New eBooks – Berlin, with the title “Traumsex – Wenn wilde Wünsche wahr werden” (Dreamsex – When wildest fantasies get true). Whilst working on the wrestling chapter, the author came across the website Ultimate Mixed Wrestling and noticed the call for custom video ideas to be submitted.
A screen version of the Dreamsex wrestling episode might be a quite appropriate contribution to the declared UMW objective of producing the best sexy mixed wrestling videos worldwide.


The script calls for a total of 10 performers, 5 males and 5 females.
Couple performing the wrestling match: DESTINY and SEBASTIAN
Four other girls: ANGELICA, LARRISA, MELANY and VICTORIA (one as arbitress, two as round-girls, one as coach for Sebastian). Could also be played by Nikky  – Mira – Kim – Abby.
Four other guys: BOGUR (possibly as Mr. X) and PETER, TOM and IMI as active spectators, one of them acting as coach for Destiny.
At the end, all performers are involved in the victory celebration and “punishment” of the looser.
The performers can be seen in action at www.ultimatemixedwrestling.com .

Outfits by Tangaland

Extreme slingshots and micro-bikinis for the girls.
Mr.X is dressed in a black silk kimono; beneath he keeps his cock in a “men half-bag”, exhibiting his neatly shaven balls.
Extreme micro-strings for the other men, just covering their genitals when limp, some with cockring.
Destiny will fight wearing a micro-overclit-bikini in leopard style.
Sebastian wears a highly elastic “men triangle transparent” which keeps his penis upright even when flaccid and which will stretch to a certain extend, still covering the shaft when getting aroused, but releasing the penis head when fully erected.
For the four other girls: minimum coverage slingshots in teardrop-style.
(Outfits to be found at the www.tangaland24.de online bikini-shop).


2 5 3 4 5 6 7 8










































The action is taking place in a large room with dark walls or curtains. On the floor in the middle: a typical ring for oil wrestling, with a soft bottom covered by a blue PVC carpet. At opposite ring corners, two stools for coaching. Around the ring there are big cushions and sofas for the spectators. Theatrical lighting.


Title:    Dream-wrestling

1. MR. X (BOGUR) addressing all participants. The front of his black silk kimono is open, showing the half-bag covering only his half erected shaft whilst exhibiting the bursting balls. Camera exploring the nearly naked audience (4 MEN and 5 GIRLS), highlighting their extreme sexy outfits. It’s a stunning exhibition of micro-fetishism!

Well my friends, we will now realize Sebastian’s fantasy.
His dream is a naked oil wrestling combat with a strong and beautiful woman.
We can deliver. Destiny takes the challenge. I wonder if Sebastian is aware of what  he is going to face…

Shots of SEBASTIAN with his transparent micro-string and of DESTINY in her tiny Leo-style overclit-bikini, complete with top and bottom. Sebastian seems delighted. Destiny grins fiercely, showing her teeth.

For this combat there will be special rules today. Both fighters keep their micro-strings on. The winner is the one who succeeds in removing the string of the other whilst keeping his or her shoulders or chest firmly on the floor. To be considered as removed, the string has to be thrown out of the ring. Angelica will arbitrate.

Shot of ANGELICA, featuring an extravagant teardrop-slingshot.

And what is the price for the winner?

Total sexual dominance of the looser. What else?

And everybody in this place will be invited to join in the fun!
Now, as we are talking oil-wrestling, let’s start with the oil.

… to be continued.

Want the full story? You can order the complete illustrated video-script “Dreamwrestling” as pdf-file for just 2,90 Euro via PayPal account joerg.pelzer@orange.fr , with mention “Dreamwrestling”. Or send a message to the e-mail address for alternative payment methods.

Video-script „Dreamwrestling“ (in englischer Sprache, illustriert)   2,90 Euro Zahlung per PayPal an Konto joerg.pelzer@orange.fr mit Vermerk „Dreamwrestling“. Falls Sie nicht über ein PayPal Konto verfügen, dann senden Sie Ihre Bestellung einfach an obige Email Adresse. Wir schlagen Ihnen sofort alternative Zahlungsmöglichkeiten vor. Sie erhalten Ihr Script umgehend per Email als pdf-Datei.
Außerdem gibt es das eBook „Traumsex“ zum Sonderpreis für Tangaland-Kunden!

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